Importance Of Dressing Up Your Website

March 7, 2023

Have you ever asked yourself “How important is the facade of a website?” Turns out, creating a positive first impression, increasing user engagement, and improving the overall user experience is very important.  A well-designed and visually appealing facade can help to establish a professional image and increase trust in the website and its brand. However, it is important to also ensure that the website's functionality and user experience are optimized, as a pretty facade alone will not necessarily lead to user satisfaction or conversions.

First Impressions

When it comes to layout, 38% of users will stop using a website if they find it unattractive. So, keep in mind, color theme and layout are critical in establishing a continuance of customer behavior. In addition, “users look at the top left corner of your website first.” The reason being that the user's eyes are conditioned with a left-looking bias as humans in the western hemisphere read from left to right, so give customers information the way they expect to receive it. To reconfirm, according to Neilsen’s data collection, “website viewers spend 80% of their time looking at the left half of your pages.”  So, put most website data and calls-to-action on the left side of the website.



Colors are important, and can be nerve racking in abundance. All colors stem from just 3 on the color wheel: yellow, red, and blue. A good idea is to use just 2 colors, max 3 on any landing page. If you are going to use 3 colors, try going about with the 60-30-10 rule which the Apple News App incorporates. Apple’s newsfeed uses 60% white and light gray, 30% blue, and just 10% pink as their accent color. If you are creating a website using, why not copy a winning strategy? Go ahead, build your website that’s 60% white & blue, with links and calls to action in yellow, and your bottom right live chat icon, Convosio, in red? Such a website is overwhelmingly easy on the eyes in blue & white, with a minority of appealing other colors here and there, the colors won’t repel website visitors, but instead encourage them to stay, for engagement, and sales!



Calls-to-action are vital because they introduce and facilitate trade on your website.  Calls-to-action can include: “Join Now”, “Start 30 Day Trial”, or “Buy Now.”  The “Buy Now” button is especially strong since it gives the potential customer a straightforward approach to closing out their purpose on your website. Use simple, non-wordy, calls-to-action that are easy to see on your landing page for the customer to simply move ahead with their purchase.


Live chat

Live chat is overwhelmingly the preferred method of contact amongst millennials and newer generations because of immediate human interaction. Live chat is the fastest way to directly articulate and convey an issue to customer service, uninterrupted, or with phone connection issues (email is way too slow for new generation attention spans). This is why you need to have live chat on your landing page, the best being Convosio by


So, first make sure you’re not disappointing the customer by not even offering the communication channel they desire. Keep in mind, according to Zippia “live chat improves conversion rate by 40%”, don’t you want to also increase your sales rates?



To summarize, having a beautiful website landing page, with the color scenario attractive, makes the difference between potential customers staying, or being thwarted away from your website.  Functionality, like calls-to-action should be ever-present, and a direct communication channel via live chat is going to set you apart from competitors. Ultimately, potential customers are going to buy from you or someone else, so study competitors and see where you can gain an edge over them either by the layout, color scheme, call-to-action language, or live chat. To get started on building your own website, go to With MyDev, you have a choice of over hundreds of layouts which you can further customize to satisfaction There’s also plenty of add-ons applications such as live chat (Convosio), reputation management (iReview), credit card processing (iPaymer), and more! Check out and start building your dream eCommerce business today.

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