The Story of John The Home Appliance Guy

March 21, 2023

Once upon a time, there was a store owner named John. John owned a retail store that sold a variety of home appliances, both new and used, but his big sales performers were service calls for appliance repair. Despite having such a wide range of high-end in-demand products regardless of overseas supply chain delays, the home appliance repair business was by far his best-selling, highest-growth potential service.


The year was 2023 and the reality was that over 50% of Americans earning a good wage of +$100,000 were still living paycheck-to-paycheck or near broke! Hence few could afford to buy new appliances for +$1,000/piece. Homeowners were better off just calling John’s shop and paying to repair their existing appliances.

John decided to cash in on the status quo of America’s finances and focus his efforts on promoting home appliance service requests via a mobile-friendly website he created on Knowing that most individuals prefer shopping for appliances in person, John created his website specifically for over-the-road appliance repairs and optimized it to be easily picked up by search engines. Using keywords related to home appliance repair and energy efficiency, John found long tail keywords and phrases to catch onto queries customers could be making. To assist him in his keyword research and market understanding, John used Zuitte, a powerful SEO software platform that has +50 powerful tools that help everyday entrepreneurs run and grow their businesses from one convenient location without breaking the bank.

To ensure that his customers were satisfied with their purchase, John encouraged everyone to leave him a Google business review upon completion of his service. Since customers were asked to leave a review right at the moment their appliance issue was resolved, they were enthusiastic to leave John’s business a 5-star Google review!  John managed all his online reviews from one central dashboard using a reputation management system called iReview.  This software allowed him to monitor everything that was being said about his business online from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Reddit, and, to name it!  This process of asking serviced customers to leave a 5-star review and monitor everything being said about the business on one central dashboard helped John improve his Google business star ranking.  John knew that Google controls +95% of mobile search traffic, if someone searched his company online, the first thing they would see is his star ranking so it was critical to maintain and level up his rating.  John also read that each 0.1 increase in star rating improved online sales by up to 25%! In addition, by seeing all things said on iReviews central dashboard, John responded to negative reviews and addressed any issues with disgruntled customers.  With patience and dedication to professionally reply to all reviews, John maintained a high rating on Google and improved his credibility with class for all potential customers to view. The way John responded to all of his business reviews garnered comfort, he sounded like a genuine man with integrity and promised to correct a bad job or one that seemed dishonest or not valuable, this only attracted even more customer service requests!

Furthermore, John made use of social media to promote his product. He created a Facebook page for both his service calls and home appliance sales and used it to share interesting information about energy efficiency and the benefits of using high-quality appliances. He also ran regular promotions and discounts which he sent out using a convenient mass email marketing application named Sendbat.

One day, John’s retail store was flooded with service calls, much more than his usual high demand. Turns out, one of his long tail keywords suggested by Zuitte had gone viral! Nothing was ever going to be the same…John’s home appliance brand entered the realm of a household name, at least in his hometown of Chicago, now everyone was spreading the good news of the honest work John and his servicemen were providing.

Thanks to the online and real-life efforts of John and his team, his home appliance sales skyrocketed along with his reputation. John’s Google business star ranking sat at 4.8-star which just reinforced why everyone called his shop first for an appliance repair before consulting with a competitor…  People started visiting the store more often and since middle-class incomes were being squeezed, John offered to finance and was able to save on his own transaction costs using iPaymer. This only made cash-strapped customers love his store even more, especially landlords. John’s store also offered an internship program to train university students in technical training, so they could learn to earn a good wage doing honest work and expand the business via John’s new franchise opportunity, but that’s a story for another time…

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