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January 23, 2023

MyDev is constantly improving its services for top user satisfaction. With new templates entrepreneurs can design the website of their dreams that’s attractive and intuitive for customers.

Everyone thinks of building a website these days to sell products and services. There are many reasons for this, firstly because we are all trying to advance ourselves economically. Secondly, because centralized platforms take high fees for listing products or services and it doesn’t seem fair given all the risk and hard work it takes for a small business owner. Entrepreneurs and brick & mortar businesses only dream of selling products solely on their website without the overhead of a marketplace overlord. Enter MyDev, the platform which empowers entrepreneurs to build their own site, pay a minimal fee to host it, and begin selling. To get started, to get the word out, to get people visiting the new site and lifting the URL up on the Google search page, MyDev offers Sendbat. Sendbat is an email marketing add-on that’s free of charge to begin using up to 2,000 contacts.  For just another menial fee, users can send volumes of emails to up to millions of contacts. Sendbat customers experience at least a 15% open rate, and a 3% click-through rate where potential customers will get to your final product page and then make a decision to buy or not. This is where another MyDev add-on comes into play. Enter Convosio, MyDev’s live chat system. With live chat, potential customers are at least 20% more likely to purchase when their thoughts or questions are answered. Think about it. How do you interact with virtual potential customers that are visiting your site? There’s only one way, live chat. MyDev strongly recommends using Sendbat to get people onto their site, and then using Convosio to close deals via web chat. Customers are also likely to spend more than they anticipated if they are engaged in live chat because the support team can disarm any of their negative thoughts and focus on why the product will improve their status or living experience.

The developers and web designers behind MyDev are constantly focused on their primary customer, a startup eCommerce entrepreneur who's ambitious to get going in a competitive inflationary environment. offers all the amenities and conveniences of getting your own web business up and running profitably as soon as possible.

Try MyDev today and see how easy it is to make a website, gain a reputation online, and start earning sales while you sleep.

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