Why do long-tail keywords and phrases work?

February 10, 2023

Thanks to MyDev.com being the new small business eco-system on the internet, entrepreneurs are building captivating high-traffic eCommerce websites! These individuals are literally going from no website to creating one using MyDev and then generating tons of leads thanks to one highly opportunistic approach. Let’s dive in.

Initial approach

If you want to capture monster sales in an established market you need to start by playing with its tail. Long tail to be exact, long tail keywords and phrases are where organic growth begins and going viral becomes possible. How should you go about this? Your mind needs to approach whatever market you’re entering with an open mind in terms of how to word things. Search for existing popular keywords that already rank high on Google and then find comparatively less known variations of those words or phrases. For example, Michael’s new website sells aero body kits for sports cars. The already popular keywords consequences are “aero body kits” or “sports car upgrades' ', the long tail variation of these keywords would be “sports car vogue” or “aero luxury design”. As a rule of thumb, good long-tail keyword ideas typically have 10x-20x less search volume than their popular direct language counterparts. Long tail keywords and phrases represent untapped opportunities to connect with potential customers. So, be sure to advertise yourself in these niche phrase markets, and keep trying different arrangements of words that describe your product, use a thesaurus for ideas!

Why do long-tail keywords and phrases work?

One reason is that these unknown keywords are not deemed competitive, nor do any businesses want to give them a shot! However, what your ignorant competitors don’t know is that the majority of daily Google search queries are long-tail keywords and phrases, hence the market of untapped catchy phrases still remains largely up-up for grabs Even Search Engine Journal verifies this by saying “organic search is arguably the most valuable marketing channel there is.”

 Fortunately, you’re reading this article or have already built a website using MyDev, getting a head-start on everyone else to establish a reputation and sales, which is only going to be amplified with years.

Reputation Blast

What happens when your long tail keywords hit a spark in customer interest? Higher website visits makes you more competitie, and lead to sales. Then, as these 3 benefits continue to play out, the Google algorithm notices all your website activity and starts increasing your page rank, creating self-perpetuating website growth, and voila, you’ve got a high-traffic eCommerce generating loads of sales! Market your website smarter by digging into the long-tail keyword gold rush!

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