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We believed that there was a better way to achieve quality software development without the expense or the complication of traditional software agencies, so we built it. A tech-enabled, software development subscription that solves big challenges, streamlines processes, drives efficiencies, and bridges the gap between talented developers and the software needs of the future. That mission and our relentless quest to balance happiness between career, client, and company has attracted a talented dev-ops team which we now call the MyDev family.

Every exceptional software solution starts with a compelling narrative.

With one decade as a leader in software development and technology, my primary challenge has been finding a scalable approach to deliver high-quality software efficiently and cost-effectively. Avoiding the complexities of traditional software agencies, and freelancers, and committing to long-term in-house development teams has been a priority. Unfortunately, this often led to unnecessary expenses, communication gaps, and a significant amount of time wasted in reaching a quality end product.

It was this frustration that led me to create The objective was to establish a platform that optimizes operations and enhances communication between developers and clients. These optimizations reduce waste and costs, simplifying the software development process and enabling more investment in senior-level development talent within a highly organized environment. Coupled with an outstanding team culture and a harmonious work environment, we cultivate content and motivated developers. Happier developers produce superior software, and top-notch software at a lower cost attracts more companies.

The result? Streamlined, cost-effective, high-quality software development at scale. That's precisely what we've achieved at

In the world of codecraft, is the junction where innovation seamlessly converges with efficiency.

Ornis Mala


People, passion & principles with a purpose

Our tribe is made up of nerds, creatives and entrepreneurs whose collective experience goes beyond just education citations, certificates and accolades.

Ornis Mala

20+ Yrs in Tech & Communication

Your company is only as extraordinary as its people

So here is a little about your new developer team

Qualifications & Certifications

Software development goes beyond mere functionality. Our developers all hold degrees in computer science or related fields from prestigious US institutions, where they delved into programming theory, software development practices, and emerging technologies. Every software solution you receive is rooted in a deep understanding of coding, system architecture, and industry standards — and it shows.

Multi-disciplinary Specialists

Specialists ensure success from the beginning. Need a database expert for your data-driven application? A security specialist for your software security needs? A front-end specialist for your user interface? We've attracted developers who excel in their specific domains, enabling us to assign the most suitable expert for your project. So you get the specialist you need without navigating between agencies or freelancers.

Full-time Developers

No contractors, freelancers, or part-timers, ever. Consistency and reliability are paramount to us, which is why we exclusively hire full-time developers committed to our company...and to your project. Your software solutions are consistently delivered on time, every time, with a level of quality you can depend on.

US-based Developers

While we appreciate the global tech community, there's no substitute for local developers well-versed in the trends and demands of the region. No concerns about significant time differences, cultural nuances, or language barriers. Because your developer comprehends your requirements, you receive superior, precisely-tailored software solutions.

Made in Texas

We are based in Frisco, Texas, a dynamic city known for its innovation and growth. While we maintain our roots in this vibrant tech hub, our operations extend far beyond, enabling us to serve clients globally.

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"MyDev went above and beyond our expectations. The professionalism, talent, seamless processes, and overall enthusiasm created an exceptional experience. I wholeheartedly recommend this company."

Lori L,

Director of Special Events, Camillus House

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