We’re not painters, and “most of us” don’t play guitar but the Ukulele design challenge was a fun way to build a better remote culture. The future of work isn’t only having fringe benefits, it’s how we treat people and what we invest in for our teams success and happiness. Working in a home office, in a silo, chatting with a virtual team can be daunting for certainly personality types. This is what Designed.co was made for, we love these kind of challenges! How do we rethink remote cultures, what could we do to get the team together, have fun and some much needed laughs, give our ops, sales and tech teams an appreciation for the talented design team and keep it artistic? 

We sent our teams some really bad Ukulele kits and cheap clumpy paint from Amazon and launched a design battle of the axes (wine not included)! Assembly started with extremely wordy Ikea-style instructions and a bunch extra parts… Or at least mine ended up with extra screws. Everyone had just over a week to assemble, paint and present their designs. We did a blind vote for everyones favorite Uke and tried to identify who designed each one. 

The results speak for themselves!